Graphic Design

Following is a select sample of my Graphic Design work:

Promotional Flyer for a Racing Event:

Flyer for a Tour:

Flyer for Adoption:

Flyer for a Bowling Charity Fundraiser:

Flyer for Paintball Tours:

Storyboard Book Layout, Illustrated by Oleg Saakyan
Script Copyrights belong to their Respective Owners:

Sketch for a Script Writing company logo:

Ad for a Gelato spot in Chicago:

Title Card/Logo design:

Logo design + Illustration:

Finished logo:

Logo template:

Concept for book cover:

Graphic Tees and Merch designs:

Film Poster Concept:

Film Poster Concept:

poster teaser film avatar avtr 2 avtr2 sequel concept jungle amp suit robot arm abandoned overgrown vines foliage

Film Poster Concept:

doom movie marine fan art poster sarge dwayne johnson the rock mars bfg bigger gun plasmagun

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